Wood Pulp Food Tray

Material: Corrugated Paper

Dimensions: 23,5 x 20 x 5 cm

Packaging: 1 x 100 pcs.

SKU: QWBT Category:

Double sheet tray with Kraft paper internal, in dimensions of 23,5x20x5cm. No plastic coating. Suitable for in-house serving.

A natural product, strong and durable, with an embossed texture on the inside, which gives a special appearance and keeps food crispy. Not recommended for watery foods and the maximum serving temperature is 90°C.

Essential for any food service professional for in-store service. Ideal for serving portions of food at any time of the day outdoors or indoors in a shop.

Combine with TESSERA bio products® wooden serving utensils for a complete packaging package proposal.

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