TESSERA Bio Products x HORECA 2022

Packaging during the post covid era

Intertan S.A. attended the annual HORECA international exhibition, presenting all the packaging products of the TESSERA Bio Products® range.

The “greenest” stand in Hall 2 attracted the interest of many visitors and other exhibitors alike, thanks to its unique design and contemporary aesthetics. At the same time, the golden sign with which we decorated our Stand, was dedicated to company’s centennial and it was surely a “bright” indication of our long lasting journey in the world of entrepreneurship.

Among the visitors, hoteliers, wholesalers, purchasing managers and numerous owners of mass catering establishments were also present. Everyone had the huge opportunity to get to know… at first hand the products of our green range made exclusively with raw materials from nature itself. Paper straws, wooden spoons and cutlery, food utensils based on sugar cane, palm leaves or FSC®-certified paper and wood, were some of the exhibits.

HORECA International Exhibition is hosted annually and it is an important meeting point for the entire supply chain, for all the professionals in the hotel and catering industry. Our participation highlighted integrated food packaging proposals, with environmental protection as its most crucial principal.

Solutions that address the full range of needs of catering and hotel professionals, with products of top quality and reliability were proudly presented. Intertan S.A.‘s strengthened presence at this year’s HORECA is a clear message of support to the industry, after a turbulent period of significant and hard challenges.

Satisfying your needs is and always will be our highest priority!

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