Wooden Knife 16 cm

Material: Wood

Dimensions: 16 cm

Packaging: 50 x 100 pcs

SKU: QA122B Category:

Wooden knife, 16 cm, with a smooth surface, in natural color, biodegradable and compostable. Eco friendly product made from sustainable management of natural resources. Also available for printing a private logo. Robust, strong and sharp. A natural product harmonized with the legislatives environmental requirements of EU. Ideal to replace disposable plastic knives.

Essential for the professionals in the HO.RE.CA. industry for use in restaurants, grillhouses, steakhouses, patisseries, catering, take away and delivery services and also for domestic use. Enjoy your meal with the TESSERA bio products® wooden knives and protect the environment. Combine them with the TESSERA bio products® paper, sugarcane or palm leaf plates and offer your customers or guests delicious dishes in an environmental friendly way.

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