Sugarcane Safelock Lid for Sugarcane Salad Containers 750 – 1250 ml.

Material: Sugarcane

Capacity: 750 – 1250 ml

Packaging: 4 x 50 pcs.

SKU: QSRL7501000 Category:

Round safelock made of bagasse in natural beige colour, biodegradable and compostable.

Available for TESSERA bio products® bagasse salad bowls 750ml - 1250ml.

Use them in the food service industry in restaurants, grill shops, hotels, fast food and catering services, take away and delivery services together with TESSERA bio products® parallelogram bagasse cane salad bowls and protect the environment.

Combine them with TESSERA bio products® wooden coasters or wooden spoons, knives, forks and our range of kraft paper carrier bags and create the perfect ecological combination for disposable packaging and takeaway and delivery services.


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