Sugarcane Round Salad Bowl 750ml.

Material: Sugarcane

Dimensions: 750 ml (24 oz)

Packaging: 4 x 50 pcs

SKU: QR750 Category:

Round salad container made of sugar cane, 750ml / 24oz, in natural beige color, biodegradable and compostable.

The same R-PET TESSERA bio products® 20,5cm round lid (code: QRL7501000000TR), which fits the round bowls made of Palm Leaf, fits the utensil. Suitable for freezing up to -12°C for 24 hours and microwaving at 1000W for 3 minutes without the lid.

Indispensable for every catering professional in restaurants, grill shops, hotels, fast food, catering services, for serving, delivery and take away services.

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