Sugarcane M/W Food Containers & Safelock Lids 1100ml

Material: Sugarcane

Size: 1100 ml

Packaging: 10 x 5 pcs.

SKU: QC1100R Category:

Sugarcane M/W Food Containers & Safelock Lids 1100ml from sugarcane pulp, dimensions 220 x 170 x 50mm (set of 5 pcs.) natural color, biodegradable and compostable.

This product fulfills the legal requirements of the EU and is also an ideal solution for the replacement of the respective plastic containers. Resistant to low and high temperatures. Suitable for freezers and microwave ovens, cold and hot food.

Use these beautiful and original TESSERA Bio Products® sugarcane containers to carry delicious food and protect the environment. Combine them with the TESSERA Bio Products® wooden cutlery set or wooden spoons, knives, forks, but also with the kraft paper take away bags of our series and create the perfect ecological combination of disposable packaging for delivery and take away services.

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