Rectangular Kraft Double Burger Food Box 22,5×13,5×12 cm

Material: Corrugated Paper

Dimensions: 22,5×13,5×12 cm

Packaging: 1 x 100 pcs.

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Rectangular Kraft Double Burger Food Box 22,5x13,5x12 cm, by TESSERA Bio Products® series.

Rectangular Kraft Double Burger Food Box, 22,5x13,5x12 cm, in natural color, biodegradable and compostable. Strong and durable, without plastic coating. A #plasticfree product with an inner surface made of corrugated cardboard for durability. Also available for private logo printing.

Necessary for every catering professional for takeaway and delivery services. Ideal for a double burger with french fries. Our new Double Burger box has arrived with a greater height of 12cm. The new box gives the feeling of a rich and delicious meal. It can be combined with the bamboo picks of the Tessera Bio Products series as the height of the box is ideal for their use without problems. (The box closes with the bamboo picks placed). Product of the Tessera Bio Products® series with FSC® certification.

Use these beautiful TESSERA bio products® kraft paper boxes for your food packaging and protect the environment. Combine them with TESSERA bio products® wooden cutlery set, wooden spoons, knives, forks, bamboo teppo, and knot picks. You may also combine them with the paper kraft takeaway bags of our series and create the perfect ecological combination for disposable packaging for delivery and takeaway services.

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