Premium Carbonized Bamboo Chopsticks, 24 cm, Wrapped 1/1

Material: Bamboo

Dimensions: 24 cm

Packaging: 20 x 100 pcs

SKU: QA143BW Category:

Premium Carbonized Bamboo Chopsticks, 24 cm, Wrapped 1/1 of our TESSERA Bio Products® series

Premium Carbonized Bamboo Chopsticks, 24 cm, in dark brown color. Paper wrapped 1/1 with the TESSERA Bio Products® logo. Also available for private label printing either on the product and / or the paper wrap.

Our premium carbonized bamboo chopsticks are exceptionally durable, while their dark brown color, resulting from the pyrolysis that they have undergone, makes them even more special. This unique feature makes them stand out from normal chopstick products.

Ideal product for all food service professionals and especially sushi and Asian cuisine lovers.

Combine the premium carbonized bamboo chopsticks with our TESSERA Bio Products® sugarcane sushi trays and offer unique sushi delivery and take away services through your restaurant by making the natural and eco - friendly choice.

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