PP Lid for M/W Food Container 500-700ml, Rectangular

Material: PP

Shape: Rectangular

Packaging: 10 x 50 pcs

SKU: QRL500700 Category:

PP rectangular Lid, transparent, recyclable. Available as a leakproof lid for the TESSERA bio products® sugarcane utensils of sizes 500ml (code: QR500) and 700ml (code: QR700)). Resistant to low and high temperatures. Suitable for freezer, microwave ovens.

Use them along with the TESSERA bio products® sugarcane microwavable tableware in restaurants, hotels or for catering, take away and delivery services. Combine them with TESSERA bio products® wooden cutlery set and paper waterbased or PLA coated cups and offer to your customers and guests delicious meals in a combination of ecological and recyclable packaging.

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