PLA Straws Straight Black Ø 0.42 cm – 18.5 cm, No More Plastic

Material: PLA

Dimensions: Ø 0.42cm – 18.5cm

Packaging: 10 x 500 pcs

SKU: Q42185B Category:

PLA straight drinking straws, Ø 0.42cm - 18.5cm, black, biodegradable and compostable. Printed under the logo No More Plastic.

An essential product for the professionals in the HO.RE.CA. industry and also suitable for domestic use.

Indulge in a cold coffee or a cool drink with the TESSERA bio products® biodegradable straws and protect the environment. Combine them with the TESSERA bio products® waterbased or PLA coated paper cups along with sugarcane sip lids and offer your drinks in an eco friendly way.

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