PLA Straws Flexible Black Ø 0.5 cm, 24 cm, Wrapped 1/1

Material: PLA

Dimensions: Ø 0.5cm – 24cm

Packaging: 10 x 1000 pcs

SKU: Q0524BLW Category:

PLA flexible drinking straws, Ø 0.5cm - 24cm, black, biodegradable and compostable. Wrapped one by one in white paper wrapper "No More Plastic".

An essential product for the professionals in HO.RE.CA. industry, but also suitable for domestic use. Ideal to enjoy cool drinks at any time and occasion.

Combine the TESSERA bio products® biodegradable flexible straws with the TESSERA bio products® waterbased paper cups or with PLA coating along with the sugarcane lids and enjoy your drinks through an eco friendly way.

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