Paper Plate Ø 18 cm, Round

Material: Paper

Dimensions: Ø 18 cm

Packaging: 20 x 50 pcs

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Round paper plate, Ø 18 cm, white, without plastic coating, suitable for recycling, biodegradable and compostable. Made based on the principles of sustainable development from responsibly managed forests. A product, fully adapted to EU legal requirements for the protection of the environment.

It is an ideal solution for replacing the corresponding disposable plastic plates. Suitable for cold and hot food without a lot of liquids and oils. Lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Necessary for all catering professionals for use in restaurants, hotels, beach bars, fast food restaurants, catering services, for serving at events and festivals, but also for home use at barbeque, parties, family and friendly gatherings.

Use the "TESSERA bio products®" paper round plates to serve your customers or friends delicious finger foods, delicious sweets and fresh, fresh fruit and and protect the environment. Combine them with "TESSERA bio products®" paper or waterbased glasses, wooden blankets or wooden spoons, knives and forks and forks and triangles, as well as bamboo oars and bows and impress by creating beautiful and eco tableware.