Paper Cup 8oz Ripple Wall Waterbased, Kraft, Green Leaf

Material: Kraft Paper / Waterbased

Capacity: 8oz

Packaging: 20 x 25 pcs

SKU: Q530011WK Category:

Waterbased paper cup, ripple wall, 8oz, kraft brown, Grean Leaf design. An eco friendly product made from sustainable management of nature resources, biodegradable, compostable and recycable. Also available for printing a private logo.

An innovative cup that biodegrades in an anaerobic environment within 52 days and composts in 75 days under dry, aerobic composting conditions. The beautiful design of this special product shall make the difference in the HO.RE.CA. market's stores and also in  gatherings with friends.

Combine them with the TESSERA bio products® sugarcane lids and enjoy a hot drink in environmental friendly combination.

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