Paper Cup 14oz Embossed Waterbased, White – Green, Brick Wall

Material: Waterbased, Sugarcane

Dimensions: 14 οz

Packaging: 12 x 8 pcs.

SKU: Q530014WBR Category:

Paper Cup 14oz Embossed Waterbased, Grey, Brick Wall & Sugarcane Sip Lids Set by TESSERA Bio Products® series!

14oz Waterbased paper cups Brick Wall embossed design, double wall, with internal waterproofing from waterbased emulsion and sip lids from sugarcane pulp in a unique eco - friendly set of 10 pieces!

The 14oz embossed waterbased, grey, Brick Wall paper cups are internally waterproofed with waterbased emulsion, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. Biodegradable products in anaerobic environments within 52 days and compostable within 75 days under dry and aerobic composting conditions. The innovative sealing makes this paper cup durable, waterproof, and suitable for cold and hot drinks. They have a capacity of 14 oz (275 ml).

The beautiful, ecological design of the Brick Wall paper cups will make a difference in every occasion, from family and friendly meetings and children's parties even events and everyday use at home. Ideal for hot and cold drinks.

The 14oz waterbased Brick Wall paper cups are accompanied by sip lids from sugarcane pulp. Lids of excellent quality and perfect fit. Buy the set and enjoy a rich creamy cappuccino, an iced freddo espresso, an aromatic tea, or your beverage, packaged in a combination of environmentally friendly ingredients.

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Also available for private logo printing.

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