Kraft Paper Hamburger Box FSC® DURA Series

Material: Paper

Dimensions: 13×12,9×7,5 cm.

Packaging: 2 x 100 pcs.

SKU: QDSHBB Category:

Square-shaped hamburger box, made of kraft paper, in dimensions of 13x12,9x7,5 cm. No plastic film coating. It is FSC®-certified.

Ideal for home delivery or takeaway. A special feature of the Dura range is that these are no assembly required, as they are delivered ready to use! This particular utensil is suitable for placing burgers.

It is resistant to low and high temperatures. A natural-coloured, recyclable product.

The first utensil of the Dura series with a motto on the integrated lid, an originality that adds colour and "character" to the utensil, as the message refers to the combination of quality food selection and the general good mood it brings with it!

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