Dome Sugarcane Lids Ø 90 mm

Material: Sugarcane

Dimensions: Ø 90 mm

Packaging: 20 x 50 pcs

SKU: QDL90B Category:

Dome Sugarcane Lids Ø 90 mm of our TESSERA Bio Products® series

Flat Sugarcane Lids Ø 90 mm, in natural brown color, biodegradable and compostable. A #plasticfree product that fully complies with the legislative requirements of the E.U. Ideal solution for the replacement of plastic, disposable lids. Resistant to hot and cold drinks. Especially designed for perfect fit with all our TESSERA Bio Products® jumbo paper straws.

A must - have product for all food service professionals and delivery and take away services. Perfect fit for all our TESSERA Bio Products® waterbased and PLA - coated paper cups with a diameter of 90 mm.

Combine them with our TESSERA Bio Products® paper straws and offer your clients beverages in eco - friendly packaging.

Make the difference by using eco - friendly, disposable food packaging products. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook in order to be the first ones to know about our TESSERA Bio Products® new arrivals and actions.

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