Bamboo Knot Pick 15 cm

Material: Bamboo

Dimensions: 15 cm

Packaging: 25 x 200 pcs

SKU: QA108B Category:

Bamboo wood, knot-shaped, 15 cm, with smooth surface, in natural colour, biodegradable and compostable.

Natural product made according to the principles of sustainable development from responsibly managed plantations. Particularly durable. Also available for private logo printing.

Ideal for catering professionals for use in restaurants, grill shops, fast food, hotels, catering services and for home use.

Use TESSERA bio products® bamboo sticks in paddle shape for double burgers and club sandwiches, for skewers, but also to fix multi-crust pancakes or pancakes. Combine them with palm leaf and sugar cane plates to serve your delicious creations, with 100% natural choices in packaging and serving items.

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