FSC® Certification: The actual proof that our products respect forests

FSC® Certification: The actual proof that our products respect forests | TESSERA Bio Products®
Responsible forest management, renewable sources, recycled products or a combination of all those factors are the fundamental characteristics of the FSC® certification.

The Forest Stewardship Council®, a role model NGO and NPO for the sustainable management of forests, was founded in order to promote the optimal practices for the proper and acceptable managements of the planet’s resources.

The main goal is the constant and effective monitoring of raw materials during all phases of processing, from being removed from the forest up until the delivery of the end products to the customers. The certification ensures that only raw materials, which comply with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council® for proper management practices have been used.

As a result the products that are equipped with the FSC® logo, are manufactured with respect towards the forests, nature, society and economy.

Through our TESSERA Bio Products® series of disposable food packaging solutions, we fulfilled our aim and vision, which is to contribute to the protection of the environment, as a small part of the global effort to save the planet. Since 02.02.2021 we have acquired the FSC® CHAIN OF CUSTODY (Forest Stewardship Council) (TAH-COC-004486) certification. Our customers were greatly impressed by this fact and consequently they require FSC® certified wood and wood pulp products ever since.

Right now, every professional in the HO.RE.CA and tourism industry has one additional reason to choose the only existing products in the market that fully respect and protect the environment!

You can also find FSC® certified products in our Tani® product catalogue. Browse both our catalogues and discover our vast array of products!

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